Exhibition Profile

Exhibition Title: The Second International Industrial cleaning exhibition
Location: Tehran Municipality's Specialized Exhibitions Center – Bostan Goftego
Date: July 11, 2018 ~ July 14, 2018
Visiting Time: AM 10:00 - 19:00 PM
Site Plan: View

Exhibition's Plan

Saloon Name : TEHRAN HALL
Last Modified Date : 1397-03-19 | 9 a.m.

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Sold Booth
Reserved Booth
Available Booth

Field of Activities

  • Industrial, home and hospital cleaning equipment
  • Shoemaker floor, landing, water jet, scrubber
  • Household and Industrial Steamers
  • Home and Industrial Laundry Machine
  • Vacuum cleaners for household and industrial electronics and backpacks
  • Drying equipment and supplies
  •  Dishwasher sanitary ware
  • Industrial and household detergents
  • Chemicals, Cleansing agent
  • Massage, bedding and all kinds of waxes
  • Washing equipment and related products
  • Sweeper and Soil, T Shouh
  • Plastic waste and paper towels, cleaning and cleaning
  •   Washing carpets, carpets, furniture and related devices
  • Hand-held and machine-driven carpet dryers
  • Washing equipment for high buildings
  • Equipment and accessories for window and window cleaning
  • Types of brushes and pumps
  • Washing equipment and urban cleaning
  • Lightweight and lightweight carwash accessories
  • Nano car wash
  • Equipment and tools for cleaning, care and safety
  • Bathroom equipment and supplies
  • Industrial cleaning equipment and products
  • Ultrasonic washing
  • Working clothes and protective clothing
  • Others

Partnership Case Study

Completed application form, signed and sealed by the applicant registration is subject to submit the application form online or in paper submission of the followings is mandatory for issuing invoice, Economic code, National ID no. for individuals, Address (post code) for corporations Submission of a copy of economic code Submission of Exhibitors commitment forms Submission of Currency (rail, foreign exchange) calculation commitment form + warranty Receipt of the total payment for booth space rent including VAT at the rate of 9% of the total rent which to be submitted to the organizer at the time of registration. Submission of Photo of booth operators
To be submitted before deadline and during the specified date to the Iran fair staff. Those who did online registrations would send the scan of their photo.
Valid business license / production license
At the time of registration. (Establishment license is not accepted in an internal exhibition)
Certification of production based on national /international standards Mandatory at the time of registration Brochure, catalogue of the exhibitor products and services By Exhibitor at the time of registration Presenting interior productions of other companies in the booth, is due to submit an introduction letter, copy of their business license or manufacturer business license. Instruction form for booth plan, move in/move out (construction and dismantling) Mandatory for participants with own building plan, who willing to utilize special decoration inside or outdoor

This exhibition doesn't have the foreign exchange cost instruction

Applicants willing to take non-equipped booth in order to be built by their own, should submit the singed and sealed commitment form by July,05,2018. They should submit to the Fair staff the approval of a supervisor construction engineer, holder of construction engineer code by “construction engineering organization”. Then they can give the confirmed plan to their appointed contractor.

Required documents for contractors to be submitted to the “Boostan Goftego”:

Completed commitment form of self-building booth Contractor signature and seal should have mentioned in the form Color print of measurement Plan project with the scale of 1/ 100 on paper A4 (3 copies) - Civil liability insurance - Perspective of the plan on paper size A4 (3 copies) List of the needed materials - Submission of Assurance cheque - The amount of 1.000.000 Rials per square meter to be transferred to “ Mani Tadbir Sazeh”co .bank account As an obligation to respect the rules and regulations of Iran exhibition fair, installation, dismantling after finishing the show.


If the confirmation not received till the deadline 05, july,2018, organizer has the right to not accepted the plan and the requested booth will be allocated to another applicant.

The Participants:

Manufacturers, producers, companies, units, organizations, industrial associations of private or public sector.

Enquiry of Participation:

Participation is under the IR exhibition rules and regulations. The organizer reserves the right and have the authority to cancel the participation of those who violate the rules or fail to do the commitment. The organizer has the authority to decide on the damages. Application forms should have submitted to the head 30 days prior to the opening with a cheque of 100% space rental. In case of full booking of salons before the deadline, the organizer is not responsible for the application. The organizer reserves the right to accept or refuse the application forms. Participant is not allowed to allot special booth to the others (third party). Organizer has the authority for designing the exhibition salon (indoor and outdoor) and space allotment considering the exhibition interests and rules and other participants right. Any objection to the space is not accepted. The attendance of exhibitor/person in charge mentioned in the application form is mandatory during the fair. The participants are not allowed to close the booth. The participants are not allowed to quit the booth during working hours. The attendance of the company representative is mandatory during the move - in time till the closure of the doors and at the end of the fair till the opening of the doors till the collecting and moving out all the equipment. In case of absence, the organizer is no responsible for any loss. Applicants are responsible for protecting their equipment during the fair hours and before opening and after the end. After the daily closure during non-visiting time doors are closed and sealed and the responsibility is with the organizer. Regarding that the responsibility of outdoor booth are totally by the participants, please fill a form and attaché a copy of ID card and submit it to the deputy of exhibition security before the end of the visiting hours. Participants are responsible for any accident to their personals from the time of starting, entering the exhibition place, during running and building their booth. Applicants bound to submit fire, accident, insurance of their products with other forms at the time of registration. Participants should collect the booth, move out equipment at most 2 days after the ending and according to the time schedule. Violation to this, will of no responsibility of the organizer. Heavy machinery owners should have coordinated with the organizer for the shipment 1week prior to the opening and at the time of registration. Otherwise no responsibility is with the organizer. Entry of any crane, lift truck, heavy machines, and cargo machines by participants inside the space of the exhibition is forbidden. (Except emergency and with the permit of exhibition management. Internal participants are not allowed to display any foreign products using posters. Violation to this rule will cause to pay the booth rental on foreign currency basis and according to the foreign participant’s tariff. Passing of any vehicles is extremely forbidden before the opening, during salon preparation, visiting time and dismantling time. The shipment of the cargos should be done by special cargo vehicles and exit the place right after the evacuation; otherwise the cars will be transferred out by lift truck. Direct sales, lottery and rewarding without advance coordination with the Bostan Goftego Head are forbidden. The International Exhibition co has the authority to close the booths that violate the rule. Request for more space only possible by organizer confirmation. Participants are not allowed to keep any flammable material inside the booth. Any change made to pre-fabricated booth will bring the obligation for the participants to pay. Any extra changes require the related payment of that part. Participant obliges to forfeit any damage to pre-fabricated booth, installation, salons or outdoors.

Payment Method and Cancellation:

Participant should pay total amount of participation fee and issue a cheque in favor of the organizer and submit it to the exhibition head after receiving approval from the organizer. The expenses of any extra equipment, service and facilities should be settled right after the receiving of the requested items. For cancellation prior to 30 days to opening, no payment done by participants is refundable. Force majeure: If the event is abandoned, cancelled or suspended in whole or in part by reason of war, fire, earthquake, flood, storm, national emergency, or any other clause not within the control of the organizer prior to 1 month to the opening, the amount of 50% of the payment will be deducted and the rest will be forfeit. In case of force majeure of less than 1 month to the opening, no advance payment is refundable.

Electricity, Telephone, Internet:

Participants would inform the organizer the plan of their electric connections and the required electricity prior to 20 days to the opening. The cost of additional electricity consumption will be calculated by technical experts and will be deducted from the participants. The cost of single phase – 3 phase electricity of all participants of pre-fabricated booth, outdoors (during installing and visiting time), will be computed on bases of international exhibition tariff and will be received from the participant before the ending. Since cable resistance is limited, any use of additional projector and any display tools with extra consumption is forbidden. In case of any need, the permission of the organizers required. Participants are obliged to provide cable and automatic boards (standard equipped to earth system) fit to their required electricity and coordinate with the electrical department of the International exhibition co, for any electrical transmission from the main board or connecting cables to the booth. For any request of internet and phone line assignment, coordination should be done with the Exhibition telecommunication department and executive headquarter 30 days prior to the opening. All phone lines will be installed before the opening and the cost of connection and utilization calculated according to the contents of the related form and will be received from participants. Exhibitors should not keep any additional furniture behind the walls in order not to prevent the reach of electrical technicians to the electrical boards. The place will be controlled and inspected before the opening and in case of any violation to the rules, the additional equipment will be transferred out and the organizer and Iran International exhibition co have no responsibility for any loss. Furthermore, the exhibitors are responsible for any damage or accident regarding any accessories behind the walls.

Booth building fixing and designing:

Participants who want to self- build their booths using special design and structure, are obliged to fulfill the contents of instruction and commitment and contract. Plan of the booth that are going to be built by the participants, should get the approval of the Bostan Goftego head and the deadline is 20 days prior the opening. Salons are ready 2 days prior to the opening. The organizer should issue the construction permit only for those plans whose plan matches to this schedule. get for the cost. The department of Designing and booth layout management of the Bostan Goftego has the authority to make any change to all plans and destroy the structures that don’t observe the change. The participants will be charged for the cost. According to Iran international exhibition co rules, any additional floor to self- built booth, will be calculated as the amount of 50% of the cost per meter for covered are of the floor and is to be paid to the organizer. Any operation to the structure like: welding, carpenter and etc. are forbidden indoor and the necessary materials and accessories should be entered to the salon completely fabricated. All booth operations like booth preparing, lay out and arrangement should be completed 12 hours prior to the opening and all extra materials and accessories should be moved out of the exhibition venue. Violation to this rule, participants obliged to pay damage for each hour delay which determine by the organizer. Movement of vehicle is forbidden after floor covering and preparing completion. Participants should compensate in case of no attention to this rule. The organizer has the authority to accept or refuse the qualifications of booth construction contractors. Outdoor participants are not permitted to use scaffold for covering the booth. For the covering they need to coordinate with the Head. Any additional change made to booth only possible after getting approval by the organizer and pay for the cost.

Fair book, advertising, photography ID card and parking lot:

Participants should insert the information of their company, complete specifications and field of their activity in fair book, fill the form in Persian and English and submit the form the Bostan Goftego head. No attention to the deadline, would make no responsibility for the organizer. Any advertising in exhibition place and out of booths is permitted only after getting permission from department of public relation of the Bostan Goftego Photography and filming of exhibition place and indoor salon is allowed only after getting the permit from department of public relation. Participants should submit the ID card forms along with 1 photo to the organizer one month prior to opening and at most until the date mentioned here. Transferring the needs of participants like accessories or food is possible only on mornings. Movement of vehicle is forbidden during show time. Any advertising out of the booth place is subject to have permission. Distribution of any magazine, book, brochure (news printed items) on exhibition area and outside the booth is forbidden and it needs prior permission by Iran international exhibition co. public relations and international department. Participant can distribute books whose subject are related to the exhibition and is for information and don’t contain any advertising. Scaffold Installation for advertising is forbidden and violation to this will cause forfeit payment by participants. Participants should refer to the audio and visual department of the exhibition. Installation and utilize of any equipment and advertisement or any case which is annoying, cause crowd, disturbing salon discipline and order is forbidden. Participants who willing to video and make a report from their booth, should coordinate with the public relation director and present their contractor. Having no permission photography is not allowed. For preventing of any possible abuse, it is better to refuse to order it to others. Participants should refer to the audio and visual department for making contract and the Head has the authority to provide any part of the film and photos.


Observance of Islamic Hijab is an obligation and violation to the rules, by participants or their personnel, the organizer reserves the right to prevent them from the participation. Participants obliged to observe all Islamic republic rules during the exhibition.

Material exit:

Any material and goods cannot be transferred out of the exhibition area during the exhibition so it is required that the participant not to bring unnecessary items.


The agreement between the participant and the organizer is written, signed and sealed.