Registration Process

Step 1: Registration

The applicants should register online on, Otherwise they should submit a letter on company’s letterhead introducing an authorized representative, range of exhibits, booth type, booth size and Send it by email or fax.

Email address and telephone number of the representative is mandatory.

Attention: It is notable that after the deadline is over, the exhibitor is not in any way obliged or responsible.

Step 2: Approval for Design booth layout, Issued pre-invoice

Organizer will send the pre-invoice and early reservation right after confirming the booth measures and booth show.

Step 3: Payment

Participants should pay the total amount of the invoice before the specified deadline. No payment after the deadline would be accepted and no reservation would be confirmed. Applicants have to send the receipt of the payment by fax or email to the organizer.

Step 4: Online Registration

After the step 1,2,3 the applicants should fill the application forms in 2 ways:

a. through our site: and register online

b. submits in person the filled downloaded forms in paper