Maxima Modular Stands Designing

Maxima is one of the modular systems which is applicable in making exhibition stands. Having the required exhibition decoration stands, this system can be the best suggestion for making stands which is in harmony with both terms aesthetically and also being up to date with the stands making in the world fulfills our need. Using system components and completed levels in designed and created coils and following the standards and also the artistic use of accessories and suitable design can lead us to almost infinite number of applicable plans which are used in various cost decoration.

Some advantages of maxima system are the followings:

A) Harmonizing the complex and its consistency
All the accessories including partition, ceiling, various internal Parts like desk, counter, library full of coordinated goods with the same or closely same sizes are designed using this system.

B) No height restriction without column
Having 6 meters length joints, this system has the possibility of installation with a column. Having 4 meters high columns, this system enables you with the maximum height allowed in exhibition.

C) The possibility of connection and separation different units
One of the highly regarded items about maxima system is the possibility of high speed connection and easy separation. Since installing speed and transformation are so significant in making stands.

D) Using graphics in large size
Since its very important for a plan to present the visitor quickly, this system can easily meet this requirement due to having large graphics.